Dental braces are used as a solution to resolve issue with teeth that are crowded, crooked, protruding, out of alignment, or have abnormal spacing. By moving the teeth into the ideal position, dental braces resolve any issues to portray a beautiful smile for both adolescents and adults.

Before you can decide whether braces are an appropriate solution for you, it is important that you acknowledge what is included with the procedures and what braces cost.

Do I Need Braces?

When teeth are twisted and crowded, keeping them sparkling can become quite difficult. If brushing and flossing cannot be done properly, tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss is likely occur.

An improper bite can inhibit your ability to chew and speak correctly, as well as cause irregular wear to the enamel of your teeth. If your teeth are protuberant and/or your upper and lower teeth don’t come together securely, jaw issues may occur as well.

Therefore, by keeping your teeth in the correct alignment, as well as achieving better oral hygiene, dental braces will ensure you have a radiant smile. They also help you keep your teeth and gums healthy. There is now evidence proving that periodontal infections resulting from poor oral hygiene can pass into the blood stream and cause cardiac conditions.

Types Of Braces

Metal dental braces: These types of braces have been used for years and are made of stainless steel. There is a cost benefit to metal braces; however, they can stain the surface of the teeth, which is why plenty of people are opting for a different type of braces.

Ceramic or clear dental braces: This brace type is less visible and looks more natural than metal braces, because they blend in with the teeth. Ceramic dental braces do not stain, and are as strong as metal ones. Keep in mind, though they are aesthetically better, they take longer to resolve issues and are more expensive than metal braces.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is a removable orthodontic solution offered as an alternative to more traditional orthodontic options such as metal braces. A type of clear tooth aligner that is chosen by many who do not want the inconvenience or look of traditional braces. In the event you are a candidate for Invisalign or other “invisible braces,” you can maintain you’re an aesthetic appearance while aligning your teeth. Keep in mind, this option can be costly as you may go through 20-30 aligners for both upper and lower teeth.

To find out if you are a candidate for braces or Invisalign, contact us today to speak with our orthodontics specialist.