Tooth Reshaping


A smile is the first feature people notice. Since cosmetic dentistry offers many services and procedures that can improve an unappealing smile, there’s no reason people should settle for tarnished, fragmented, or crooked teeth. If you have a tooth that is disproportionate or that it is adapted to follow the contours of other teeth, then dental shaping is ideal for treatment.

Cosmetic dentists can remove shallow wells or grooves in tooth enamel, damaged edges or small chips in front of the teeth and change the overall definition of the teeth, the positioning or your teeth with this painless procedure. The process of change may also resolve some minor problems with bite and function.

How Is Reshaping Done?

The dental professional will use a polishing instrument to remove small amounts of enamel, usually 1-2 mm, so the contours of the teeth are sculpted into a desired shape. Shaping is done with the use of special machines that are used for sanding the teeth, which will result in better shape and increased brightness of teeth. When teeth are a little cramped or uneven, or when the canine tooth is too long, enamel shaping is used to correct these errors.

This procedure is used to help you get a more attractive smile, however major dental issues will not be solved with this solution alone. If significant work is necessary you will need to discuss what options are best for you with a dentist who has experience with cosmetic dentistry. In order to be a candidate for this feature you need to have teeth that are healthy and strong enough to withstand the procedure.

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